Herbal medicine or often referred to as traditional medicine is a type of drug that uses natural ingredients that usually come from plants. Herbal remedies have many advantages over chemical drugs because they are more natural and have fewer side effects. Some of the advantages of herbal medicine include:

Excess of herbal medicine

1. Fewer side effects. Herbal medicine is a natural remedy so it has fewer side effects than chemical drugs. Surely it must be used correctly and according to the rules.

2. Have many benefits. Most chemical drugs are used for one type of disease alone, while herbal medicine can generally provide many benefits at once, this, of course, is a distinct advantage for herbal medicine.

3. Easier to use. Herbal medicine can be used in various ways, depending on the type of herbal medicine. Thus, we will be easier to use it.

4. Complete the disease. Herbal remedies are known to be effective enough to cure various diseases without damaging healthy cells or parts of the body. Herbal medicine works by improving not just pain relief. Although the healing process takes a long time, herbal remedies can cure diseases more permanently than chemical drugs.

5. Cheap alternative. Herbal remedies are often used as an alternative to cure diseases because they have relatively affordable prices compared to chemical drugs or medical treatments.

6. Safe to use long term. Unlike chemical drugs that can have long-term negative effects, herbal remedies are usually safer. In fact, the use of herbal medicine should be done continuously.

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Although herbal remedies are safer, you still have to be careful in using them, look for as much information as possible about the use of herbal medicines, if necessary first consult a professional medical personnel.

Disadvantages of herbal medicine:

1. It takes time. Unlike chemical drugs that can directly provide a real effect for the cure of disease, herbal medicine takes time and sustainability in the process of healing, so this will make people with the disease should be more patient.

2. Less reliable. The obvious disadvantages of herbal remedies for which their use is not monitored by a physician or professional medical professional. So that herbal medicines are often taken without the correct prescription. Although the side effects of herbal medicines are fewer but do not rule out if the use of inappropriate herbal medicines can cause complications of other diseases.

3. Drug interactions. Although herbal remedies are made from natural ingredients, herbal remedies can still interact with certain medications and should be monitored by a doctor. For that, you should consult with a doctor or professional medical personnel while taking herbal medicine. [SO]

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