Reasons Why You Should Choose Traditional Medicines

So far many people have chosen to take Traditional medicine because they think Traditional medicine is safer than synthetic drugs. In addition, Traditional Medicine minimal side effects and from the side of Indonesia’s natural wealth, Traditional medicine is very easy to find. So if consumed in the long term will not cause complications in the body.

Why Choose Traditional Drugs ??

Here are some reasons Why choose Traditional medicine ?? why many people prefer taking Traditional medicine

1. The weakness of modern medicine / chemical drugs

Direct or accumulated side effects, this happens because modern medicine consists of pure chemicals either singly or mixed. Chemicals are not organic and pure, so they are sharp and reactive (easy to react) while our bodies are organic and complex, so chemicals are not really suitable materials for the body. The use of chemicals for the body has to be done with various limitations and in a level still acceptable or tolerated by the body.

2. Herbal medicine does not cause side effects

Traditional medicine comes from plants that have been available for free in nature. Traditional medicine treatment is done naturally, without any chemical or synthetic mixture. Therefore, Traditional medicine has no side effects and is safe to use. However, you should remain cautious when choosing Traditional medicines because in the market there are several types of herbal medicines that are produced unhygienic or chemically disguised.

3. Traditional Drugs Free Toxin Usage

Chemical drugs in the long term can turn into toxins for the body. So the use of chemical drugs must be through strict control of the doctor and should not be taken carelessly. Conversely Traditional medicine is toxic. With the proper use of herbal medicine safely consumed by anyone. In fact, Traditional medicine can be used as a whole toxin (detox) in the body.

4. Traditional medicine is easy to produce

Traditional medicine is produced by simple processing of various parts of plants, such as roots, leaves, fruits, seeds, flowers, bark, and others. Traditional medicine processing does not require modern tools and technology. Traditional medicine usually processed by boiled, crushed, or mixed with traditional materials with a certain composition. Traditional drugs initially produced in small home at home as a home industry. But now many Traditional drugs are already mass produced with modern technology.

5. Traditional Medicine Eliminates Disease Sources

Traditional medicine works holistically. In addition to curing symptoms of the disease, Traditional medicine works up to the source of the disease. Traditional medicine thus improves the immune system as a way to fight disease.

6. Traditional medicine Multi Benefits

Traditional medicine has many benefits. One Traditional medicine alone can be used to treat more than one disease. For example, black cumin or Black Seed can cure uric acid, migraine, diabetes, hepatitis, even cancer. The greatness of Black Seed is even recognized by the Prophet Muhammad who encouraged his people to consume Black Seed regularly.

7. Traditional medicine is easy to obtain

Traditional medicine is easier to obtain. You do not need to ask for a prescription or go to a pharmacy to get Traditional medicine. However, you still need the guidance of someone skilled in the field of herbs in its use. Any indiscriminate use of any drug is not recommended.

8. Traditional Medicine More Cheap

Traditional medicine tends to be cheaper than chemical drugs. Even Traditional drug prices can be much cheaper if mass-produced.

Nevertheless, knowledge of Traditional drug content remains very necessary. For example, one of the herbs that are believed to be able to treat kidney disease turned out to have a high potassium content that can cause shortness of breath.

Traditional medicine can be said also herbal medicine then than that you do not hesitate anymore with herbal products sold in the market which is a traditional herbal medicine that has been in though with modern technology so as not to damage or reduce its natural properties.

As a Herbal Medicine Recommendation that can be various diseases Traditionally So it does not bother you to process it yourself.

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