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Ideas For Storing The Bathroom For Each House (Bathroom Storage Series – 1)

bathroom storage ideas

When it comes to choosing bathroom storage ideas, professional bathroom designers really have a task at hand. Of course, there are a lot of different styles and solutions, but getting the right proportions, the functionality and the ultimate aesthetics is a difficult task and certainly better left to professionals, and that’s why we’ve developed this practical guide it will serve as a first inspiration, which can be used to refine the absolutely perfect choice for a specific bathroom project.

From storage ideas for small bathrooms that work in very modest homes to more innovative, captivating and smart bathroom storage ideas, everyone will find something in this guide and we’ll highlight some of our favorite styles. . It’s been a long time since simple wall units were the only solution, as these images are definitely showing up!


Scandinavian bathroom storage

The wonderful thing about every touch of Scandinavian interior design is that they add a lot of natural warmth, style and sophistication to a space that may be missing in a bathroom. Given the cleanliness and freshness of the room, it is so easy to fall into the trap of all white, all that can lead to a sterile finish, but practical, but following a path more Scandi, one can enjoy instantaneous vibrations of the house, without denying any storage space at all!

Matching wooden containers create a beautifully cohesive appearance and can accommodate all kinds of different objects, from bathroom products to replacement towels and everything in between, so a wooden dresser with a tall wall cabinet could be the perfect solution for the bathroom.


Storage for the hidden bathroom

Ideas for storing bathroom walls can be available in all shapes, styles and sizes, but that does not mean that everyone really wants to show off their organizational decor! For a more elegant, more independent and inherently cleaner bathroom, many homeowners are now choosing hidden and more hidden options.

Ideas for cheap bathroom storage and well-hidden solutions may not seem to go together, but in reality it can be as simple as installing simple wall units and using mirrored doors to create an integrated and beautiful finish. Add many shelves inside and absolutely everything can be stored away from the view. Perfect.


Traditional bathroom storage with a touch

The large landscaped area that includes the creation of Swamp Lake ensures that this new home blends seamlessly with the landscape: the classic Des Ewing Residential Architects bathroom
Ewing Residential Architects The vast landscaped area that includes the creation of the Swamp Lake ensures that this new home is perfectly aligned with the landscape. EWING RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTS
For older or more traditional homes, traditional bathroom cabinets are the answer, but they do not have to be boring, as this incredible project demonstrates! Add some spicy color to the furniture and suddenly, there’s a modern look that meets the traditional on-site aesthetics and some contemporary bathroom countertops really complement the look.

Custom carpentry would be the perfect way to achieve a striking finish without sacrificing all the necessary storage capacity, especially if the curved edges and smart solutions are on the wish list. What we particularly like in this design is that the vanity area has become a natural focal point in the room and added in a perfect dose of accent that pleases an otherwise very white space.


Minimum deposit for the bathroom

The minimal ideas for storing the bathroom have come a long way and can now be as dramatic and astonishing as the most complex projects, without seeming fussy or exaggerated. Perfect for a small bathroom or a much larger space, an elegant rectangular cabinet, placed under the sink area, looks clean, organized and above all very fashionable and allows you to have more elements exciting, like shower tiles. really.

It’s important to remember that minimal designs are not the same as boring ones. They simply allow a more neat and discreet finish that keeps the lines clean that have been installed elsewhere in a room. [AL]

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